Regional and Pancyprian Mathematics Competitions


Lemesos – Lefkosia
13th January 2020

The following pupils attained Merit in the Regional Mathematics Competitionqq红包扫雷群双尾 which enables them to continue to the Pancyprian Mathematics Competition on 21st December 2019:

  • Roman Petrov (PASCAL English School Lemesos, Year 1)
  • Igor Petrov (PASCAL English School Lemesos, Year 1)
  • Miltiades Schini (PASCAL English School Lemesos, Year 1)
  • Vasilis George Stavrides (PASCAL English School Lefkosia, Year 3)


PASCAL English School Lemesos pupil Miltiades Schinis Panayiotou (Year 1) attained 2nd Place in the Pancyprian Mathematics Competition which took place on 21st December 2019.

miltos has secured a place to participate in the preselection competition for the international competitions jbo, bmo, egmo, mymc and imo, with the first round taking place on 18th january 2020.

qq红包扫雷群双尾best of luck! 

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